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We were taken, by the nature of our mission, to a series of niche events in the industry. Famous speakers, valuable and sometimes applicable know-how – and yet, we felt something was missing. Perhaps the practices of others would have been more valuable if we understood them leisurely. Perhaps the experience exchange should not be limited to a one-way presentation of 20, 30, 40 minutes or an hour. Or maybe ideas get a better flow and direction when real connections are created between the people who share them.

But this can’t happen at famed events, where time is compressed and abundant information overwhelms the audience. So we wondered where and how could we make this connection between SEO, content, digital and business specialists possible and how can we help the industry by stimulating a real exchange of experiences, data and ideas.

The answer came in 2017, in the form of a small event, conducive to spontaneous conversations, natural questions and documented replies: Upswing Power Sessions.


What happens at Power Sessions?

We know that the best things happen when people talk to each other and connect. It is the way we learn, change ideas, see the industry from different perspectives, receive and offer support, develop new skills and build a community around the idea of digital performance.

Power Sessions connects specialists with experience in business, marketing and brand performance through applicable information. Thus, it gave birth to a community of specialists concerned with what they can do better every day in their jobs.

To better feel the information, we always start with a networking session, and then move on to the facts. Relaxed and connected, we enter the learning atmosphere together and watch the 2-3 presentations of Upswing speakers and partners.

We know that digital performance is a combination of efforts and a combo of marketing channels, so, at each edition, we turn on the spotlight for our industry colleagues who inspire us.

Power Sessions is, after all, about online businesses performance, so information from PPC, UX, PR and so on come as the spices that gives flavour to successful campaigns.

The Q&A stage is just as relaxed and unfolds through direct conversations.

To get an idea, you can watch UPS #8 presentations

Alexandru Gheorghe la Upswing Power Sessions #8 – Crawl budget & Indexed pages

Costin Radu la Upswing Power Sessions #8 – Strategie, Google, 6 recomandări și o poezie

Gabriel Grosoiu la Upswing Power Sessions #8 – Când cuvintele se traduc în cifre

How are Power Sessions being seen through the lens of the participants

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