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Let your competitors worry about the ranks while we increase your traffic and conversions.


Alignment and forecasting

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And nor will organic results be, but this you can be told by any SEO agency. The times when you were supposed to wait a year for attaining them are now gone. We will tell you how long will it take for you to achieve the organic traffic and the proposed visibility with mathematical precision.

You are sharing your business objectives with us and we are coming with a clear strategy to help you achieve them and chronological projections focused on the future.

Our proprietary forecasting tool, SEOmonitor will shape the non-brand organic traffic in time, based on your objective, but without ignoring any other element which could impact its completion. The probability of this objective’s completion will be calculated in relation with the proposed visibility difficulty.

Realistic estimates that come true

  • We split the keywords found in research phase (opportunities) in groups and subgroups to reflect the product or service typologies of the business.
  • Using SEOmonitor app, we estimate the peaks we want to reach for each group, depending on your focus, your current position in SERPs and your website’s competitors.
  • Afterwards, the application predicts two possible scenarios: with and without SEO. In this way, we can figure out where your organic traffic could be with the right approach and resources and how would that look like for your business, in terms of conversions and ROI.

We ensure full transparency during this process and regarding all the calculations. Also, we make sure all the values relate to the keyword levels and typologies, search volumes, seasonality, CTR graphics, year-over-year trends, device split and difficulty.

Keyword research

We identify the convenient keywords for your industry, which can bring you targeted organic traffic to generate sales, as your visibility grows on them.

Among the specific tools all the best SEO specialists are using, we also use our proprietary tool, Visibility Report, which traces 500k keywords for websites in 25 weighty industries. In this way, we make sure we don’t miss any opportunity when we build your keywords lists.

Technical and on-page SEO

From large scale migrations to substantial website speed increases, there is no technical challenge we can’t conquer.

Through carefully optimising of every detail, from website architecture to its on-page content, we make sure your website gets the best chance to be placed in the top results of the search engines.

We always prioritise our resources, so that you can focus on improving all those things that bring the most important results.

Otherwise, this is also the forte of our Customer Success team, which ensures the favourable outcome of every project we are part of.

Link Building

Our team works in tandem to generate, place and promote content which attracts high authority links – an achievement your competition won’t be able to replicate.

Internally created editorial content, after a fail-proof recipe – that’s what we’re delivering, thanks to cca 70 online publishers’ trust. It’s been 5 years already since we entered and validated Native Advertising solution in Romania, which was afterwards adopted among several industries.

We’re create quality content for their readers; in exchange, they allow us to naturally insert our clients’ links, which will have an impact on increasing pages in their websites. This way, we make sure our customers will gain the best Google ranks.

Here are some of our publishing partners:

The metrics that make a difference

SEO changes at a fast pace and it works differently depending on the context. The only way to gain control in this environment of extreme uncertainty is to understand the cause and effect.

Guided by one of our principles “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” we developed our own methodology of measuring SEO results. That’s why we built SEOmonitor in the first place. To help brans better understand how our strategies impacted their non-brand organic traffic, and, most of all, their business.

In each report you’ll find key indicators like: non-brand organic traffic, keyword ranks, visibility score, competition insights, transactions, revenue.




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