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We have built a methodology that shapes the SEO industry

After our first 5 years in digital, in 2012, we were starting to understand that search engine optimization needs to become measurable and predictible.

This meant we had to give up our other services and become the first agency in Romania fully dedicated to the understanding of organic performance.

One year later, in 2013, we launched, the application which serves the SEO agencies all the data they need to better understand where they have to work in order to reach Google visibility.

The app is entirely built upon Upswing’s intern methodology. Ever since, the way we’re doing things has been taken over, through the app, by hundreds of SEO agencies in the whole world and even here, in Romania.

Radu Mărcușu, CEO Upswing

We’re translating SEO performance into business results through realist forecasts

SEO actions only have an impact on the non-brand organic traffic, an impact we can help you measure and enhance through the campaigns we generate.

Any SEO agency can tell you that organic results won’t show up quickly. We can tell you how long will it take and what results will you be getting, depending on your objectives, with mathematical precision. Our unique forecasting methodology will shape this non-brand organic traffic in no time, according to the pre-set objectives and all the factors that could have any influence on them:

  • After identifying the keywords and the opportunities for the analysed account, we group them by the categories and subcategories that already exist in the website or are soon to be created.
  • For each keyword group, we estimate, using SEOmonitor app, to what extent can we level them up in Google rankings. In this process, we take into consideration the previously announced focus of the brand, its’ current ranks, but also the competition.
  • Afterwards, depending on the difficulty in obtaining the proposed visibility, our forecast will calculate the extent to which these goals are realistic and how they will stimulate other metrics, such as conversions.

The app offers a traffic overview for two possible scenarios: with and without search engine optimization. This shows us where could the account could reach with our resources and what could our SEO and content services bring to the client or prospect.

The KPIs Guardian

We achieve our goals in 89% of cases → The KPIs Keeper

Tracking KPIs for over 80 active campaigns is a real challenge in a landscape where algorithms are constantly changing. That’s why we built KPIs Guardian, a tool that accurately shows us the achievement rate of each goal in each campaign. Thus, we track performance based on daily, weekly and monthly changes. With its help, we see patterns that suggest algorithm updates, but also health trends that tell us which campaigns need urgent intervention.

The decisions we make for each account are based on the last 30 days health trends. In this way, we make adjustments to ensure the optimization of results and budgets.

If our results do not meet your objectives, we will voluntarily recommend you another agency. But we know they will.

Rapoarte Automate

We automate, in order to make time for more important causes

The relationship we have with our customers is very important and we want them to benefit quickly from the latest data. That’s why we save time by automating some of our reports and making sure our internal teams have an increased focus on what really matters: campaign performance and customer satisfaction.

The automatic report for Native Advertising articles connects to Facebook, Google Analytics and the SEOmonitor application and extracts data such as: the number of people the article reached on Facebook, the number of readers the article had and how the visibility of the promoted site changed after the article was published.

We innovate for our clients and for the industry

We know that the businesses and the ones who decide for them don’t have the time to learn SEO from How To’s. So we bring unique data that speaks everyone’s language, through innovative tools:

Upswing Visibility Report

It is a free tool, updated monthly, which reveals organic traffic data from 25 industries and shows their real size in online. With Visibility Report, you can identify at a glance:

  • the size of each industry, depending on the search volumes in
  • the market share of each brand, in relation to the industry it belongs to
  • the relevant non-brand keywords, their search volumes and their up and down trends, for each industry
  • historical visibility trends for each website and monthly fluctuations

Upswing COVID-19 Trends

The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected businesses in all industries, and seasonality benchmarks and year-over-year data have lost weight in the face of new consumer habits. In this context, current data is more important than ever. That’s why we developed Upswing COVID-19 Trends, a tool integrated with Google Trends, which monitors consumption habits and translates them into relevant non-brand traffic data.

With its help, you can identify at a glance which keywords in your industry have been most affected, but also what are the current opportunities. You can use the data to adjust your strategies, to pivot your business model, to create new categories on the site – which users are looking for now, to improve your existing content, or to make accurate estimates for the following acquisition requirements or rigorous financial forecasts, adapted to the circumstances.

The 50 jurors from the European Content Awards 2020 validated our project, Visibility Report, listing it among the finalists. VR put Romania on the map of Europe in the content marketing industry, with nominations for two categories of European competition:

  • B2B Content Campaign of the Year
  • Content Strategy of the Year

This reminds us, once again, that we do not wake up every morning just to check tasks, but to innovate for our customers and for the industry.

European Search Awards 2020 has also nominated us among the big names in the SEO industry in Europe. The 3 categories in which we are finalists for the Upswing & Mega Image – When Content Drives ROI project are:

  • Best SEO Campaign
  • Best Use of Content Marketing
  • Best Low Budget Campaign (SEO)

Our methodology and way of doing things have brought this project to multiple performance: 5 million visits per year, over 7.4k keywords in the top 10 and increased transactions by over 85%. Vezi → the case study.

The most powerful brands have chosen Upswing. What do you choose?



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